Privacy Policy

One of the initial arrangements ForexBorsa enacted during its inception was that any data the clients share with us, needed to be kept secure and hacker proof. This includes not sharing any of your information with any third-party organization. This is a promise we stand by and never move astray from.

With that said, ForexBorsa carries out a unique method of providing that added protection to your account. This procedure is called the KYC process, which stands for (Know Your Client). We want to know you, to label each and every client as a sole owner of a specific account. To accomplish this, certain documents are requested to be copied and provided to us. As mentioned above, your records are stored securely and if needed, allow access only to specific agents.

This method not only serves as the first deterrent to fraud or identity threats, but it also ensures a friendly, safe trading environment.

Your step of registering and signing up with our firm serves as a confirmation that the information which you provided us is true and authentic. Only accounts opened by a true investor and not as a ploy to impersonate a third-party will remain open. All fake, or accounts meant to deceit will immediately be terminated.

The information we collect from you is exclusively used for the opening and protection of the account. The agents who have access to your account are there only to be able to offer the best service to you. No information is shared with anyone unless it falls under the following cases:

  •      Only if we received a written approval by the client, and only to the specified individuals listed.
  •      If it is needed for legal reasons.
  •      In the event that it is needed to identify an account owner

Clients must concur that all communications between the company and themselves are kept on file in the event it will be needed to resolve a dispute. In order to administer good business, some or all of the information provided by the client might be used.

One of the services provided by ForexBorsa is reaching out to clients via an email or by phone. This way we can update and inform the account holder of market trends and news. There may be special offers or promotions that we may want you to be made aware of. Opening an account displays approval of these measures, per the terms and conditions, found in the contract. If a client chooses not to be contacted, they may simply send us a notification and we will not contact them again.