KYC procedure

Why do I need to complete the KYC procedure?

Today having the most sophisticated security software on your platform is great but ultimately, you never truly know who the real owner of the account it. ForexBorsa implements a process called ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) as another added precaution to protect all their accounts from any type of fraud. It is our way of getting to know who our clients are, and ultimately recognizing them as the true holder of a specific account. This comes very handy when funds need to be sent back to the rightful owner.

Having your account fully verified by completing the KYC procedure in just a few simple steps will protect your account. Getting your account verified early means you can continue to trade with no interruption generating more additional income.


How does one verify an account?

The verification process entails sending specific documents to the compliance department. Below is a detailed list of these necessary documents. Please keep in mind that there are explicit guidelines that need to be met for quicker verification. For example, when sending in the forms, it is essential that the size of the attachments do not exceed the 5MB limit, plus you may only send the forms in the following file formats: JPG, PDF, PNG.

For any additional information or assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected]


Valid Driver’s License, Government Issued Passport or State ID

This form must be in full color and needs to show the entire front and back of the card.

The document must show the picture and date of birth.



Bank Statement or Utility Bill (water/electric/gas/phone/cable)

This document does not need to be in full color, but it does need to show the following details;

Full name of the account owner, the entire mailing address, and the billing date.

The billing date needs to be less than three months from your original deposit with ForexBorsa.



Credit/Debit Card

This document needs to be in color, show all edges and the whole credit/debit card, front and back.


Some of the items that need to be included are:

  •      The first 6 and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card must be visible. (you may cover the remaining numbers)
  •      Back of the credit/debit card must show a signature
  •      The credit/debit card expiration date
  •      The full name of the credit/debit card owner

The CVV numbers on the back of the credit/debit card may be covered.


DOD (Declaration of Deposits)

Upon the completion of your first deposit, the compliance department will email you a form for you to sign, date and return back. This form is called the Declaration of Deposit(s), (DOD) which basically is a record of all the deposits made towards a specific account. Account holders will need to hand sign at the areas marked with an X for each deposit listed. Please also sign and date the bottom portion. Any name that is typed will not be accepted as a substitute for handwritten signatures.


Bonus Terms and Conditions – You will receive this form in the email if you participate in the promotional offer.

Kindly sign and date it before sending us a copy. We will not accept any typed signatures.


Should you have any questions or concerns about the verification of your account, we welcome you to contact us by email, phone, or live chat. Drop us a note at [email protected]