Our support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week by email, live chat, or phone. Choose the method that best suits you and reach out to us. You can also see the Contact Us page for more details.

You can update your personal details by signing into your account and by choosing the ‘Personal Information’ option in the list. Fill in the fields and click on “Update details.” You may also contact our support team for additional assistance.

Visit our site, locate the “login” button, click on it and you will see the choice- “Forgot Your Password.” By clicking on this you will be prompted to provide your e-mail address. Fill in the email address and select “apply.” A link will be emailed to your email address to reset your ForexBorsa password. You may also contact our support team for additional assistance.


Our platform is a web-based system, which means that you can log in to your account from any device to trade. There is no need to install or download any software.

When you execute trades, our platform records all the trades performed and saves them for you to review. Simply sign in to your account and go to the “My Account” section. There you have a list of choices that pertain to your account. You may also contact us for added support.

We have detailed information on every asset we offer in the Asset Index page. Should you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us.

Our platform is set for GMT+0. All users can set the trading time to their personal choice.

There is a color code that we use which makes this very simple. The color green means the asset price is increasing and the color red means the asset price is decreasing.

ForexBorsa offers currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and a variety of assets.

The accepted maximum investment on ForexBorsa is 2500 units in your account’s currency.Should you choose to have an option to make larger deposits, you may contact us and we might be able to set up a unique account for your needs.


You can open a new account by visiting the site and completing the registration section. You will then need to verify your account by sending in crucial documents confirming your identity. For more information, feel free to contact our support team.

For support on issues with opening a new account, please contact the support team by email, through our online live chat, or by phone. See the Contact Us page for details.

ForexBorsa highly advises all its users to verify with their personal tax calculator about possible tax obligations or to check the tax laws within their country of residence.

Trading with the ForexBorsa platform is perfectly safe. The system utilizes security techniques adopted by the world banking institutions.

Your account can be activated prior to having any funds added to it. However, in order to trade you will need to fund the account.

ForexBorsa welcomes the following currencies on its platform. USD, GBP and EUR. Please keep in mind that once an account is created in one type of currency it cannot be changed.


The minimum deposit required is 250.00 units of your selected currency (USD, GBP or EUR).

The least withdrawal amount allowed is 50 units of your selected currency (USD, GBP or EUR).

In order to proceed with a withdrawal, we will need the name of the account holder of the bank account, the bank account number, the bank’s SWIFT code and the address of the bank. The SWIFT code is a unique tag (made of letters and numbers) which allows for the transferring of funds between accounts. You can check with your bank for their correct SWIFT code.

Before we send the funds back to you, kindly send our support staff a request to cancel your withdrawal request via email, phone, or live chat.

Yes, we do. Wire transfers need to be in the sum of 500 units of your currency (USD, GBP or EUR). We process the wire transfer in 3-5 business days. For instructions on wire transfers, please contact our support team.

We offer two simple secure methods. You may use a credit/debit card or you may wire the funds from one account to the other.

To be able to do either, you will need to have an active account that has funds in it. Your account will need to be verified through our compliance department. This entails submitted required documents. Once you have completed these steps you may either deposit more into the account or place a withdrawal request. For additional help please contact our support team.


Our rates are displayed in real-time. This means that as the market is active and there is a lot of movement in trades, the asset prices that you see will be affected accordingly.

The two main reasons that you cannot place a trade are: The particular asset you wish to trade on is not open. Market hours differ for different regions. Most assets close for trading from 5 pm EST Friday until 5 pm EST Sunday. The other possible reason is that you might not have sufficient funds. You may also contact us for additional assistance.

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